Common Washing Machine Problems

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Common Washing Machine Problems

The Issues: Noisy spin cycle/ Won't Spin/ Won't Drain

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Having Troubles with your Washing Machine?[edit]

Washing machines are a household essential that make our lives today so much easier. They are the great companion that help us get our kids to school looking fresh, keep us looking sharp at work, and remove even the toughest stains from our favourite clothing. That’s why, when something goes wrong, life can become a nightmare. And prices of new machines can be hefty on the wallet. So how can you look after your washing machine to 1: prolong the life of your trusty laundry sidekick, and 2: fix any simple problems that may occur, getting your machine running smoothly once more?

Here are some quick tips and advice to solve any problems that may occur.

"My Washing Machine sounds Awful!"[edit]

Laundry giving you a Headache?

Doing laundry is already a chore we’d rather not do, and a headache from a noisy washing machine shouldn’t be added into the equation. However, a loud spin cycle is usually more simple to fix than you think. When not running, see if your washing machine wobbles due to being unbalanced. Uneven feet or an uneven surface resulting in an unstable machine can make your laundry session much noisier. Easily fixed by adjusting the position of the machine can solve this problem, and if one of the feet is broken or unable to be adjusted, then you could simply replace it.

Then you can enjoy the quietness while you check off your chores list.

"Didn't Solve the Problem?"[edit]

Unbalanced Loads cause Unnecessary Vibrations

Well unbalanced loads can also cause a noisy spin cycle. It may seem harmless to throw that one towel in with your t-shirts, or a heavy pair of jeans with your underwear, but an unbalanced load is best to be avoided. Not only can it cause a noisy laundry session, but there are hidden damages that can occur also. Causing the drum to shake more, this can result in excessive wear and tear to the inner workings of the machine, putting excessive pressure on various parts connected to the drum, like the bearings and springs.

"My Washing Machine is Super Slow"[edit]

Is your Spin struggling?

An unbalanced load can also cause a slow spin as the machine has to stop and start to try and rebalance the weight. This can be very annoying when trying to get your clothes clean quickly and they come out sopping wet, or maybe not even properly clean.

"My Machine won't Spin at all"[edit]

If your machine is filling and draining as usual - but not spinning - this could be an issue with your motor. This problem usually is the carbon brushes as these come into contact with moving parts in the motor, causing deterioration over time.

Check out our more detailed article on how to replace your carbon brushes here.

"My Machine won't Spin OR Drain at all"[edit]

A spin cycle will generally not begin until the machine has fully drained, so if your machine is draining slowly - or worse not at all - then it could be a blockage in your drainage system. The best place to start looking for a blockage is the filter. If you’ve ever left a coin, hair grip, or something of that nature in your load, and this has managed to fall down the side of the drum then it’s the filter’s job to catch these items. To access the filter, you will usually find a flap at the bottom of your machine. Be careful though, as any water left in your drum will be released once you take out the filter. So don’t pull the plug without being prepared! Clean out your filter of any major blockages then rinse the filter with warm water. Doing this often can help keep your machine draining efficiently, helping your machine along its way. However, if your filter was relatively clean, then it may not be the root cause of your problem. This may lie with the hose leading to the drainage pump, or even the pump itself.

Check out our more detailed article on fixing these issues here.


Looking after your machine could save you expensive electrician bills, prolonging the life of your machine so as to save your wallet having to splurge on a new machine.

Repairing your machines yourself can save you money, head to Partshub - a proud partner of the Repair Cafe - for a wide range of spare parts and more information on how you can best care and maintain for your favourite household appliances.

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