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We welcome Repair Case Studies from ALL Repair Cafe volunteers wherever you are!

Below are some guidelines to address in completing your Repair Case Study, these are guidelines only but if followed should help readers. Please feel free to add photographs, sketches and links or insertions to short videos covering your repair process.

  • What type of product did you repair, do you have a picture of it?
  • Who was the manufacturer, what was the model number?
  • What was the problem with the product?
  • Disclaimer and Safety Warning
  • Which Repair Cafe do you attend? (Note: If you have a logo for your repair cafe please upload it if it is not been used in the wiki before.)
  • What date was the repair completed, how difficult was it and how long did the repair take?
  • What tools and parts were used to complete the repair?
  • What was the diagnosis of the problem?
  • What was your repair solution and procedure?
  • Any other comments
  • Links that readers might find helpful

A template with the above format to help you post your Repair Case Study can be found at Getting started