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Home of the Repair Café 'Share the Repair' Wiki

Repair Café Wiki is an online repair community resource, initiated by volunteers at Farnham Repair Café (UK) with the support of The Repair Café International Foundation to help promote the sharing of knowledge and experience in the repairing of a diverse range of everyday household products both new and old. This community knowledge also includes looking creatively at how products can be up-cycled at their end of life, extending their usefulness and importantly reducing our impact on natural resources, thereby making a contribution to longer term sustainability.

Repair Cafés are free ‘community-centred workshops’ for people to bring consumer products in need of repair where they can work together with volunteer fixers, to repair and maintain their broken or faulty products. In addition to repair, many Repair Cafés provide assistance with product modification, particularly to clothing to improve fit and appearance” Charter & Keiller, 2016.

On these Wiki pages you can find repair information on various household items that Repair Café volunteers from around the world have brought back to life. If you are an experienced repairer and have further information and advice on restoring the items already listed or have a repair item you wish to add please feel free to contribute to this Wiki. A quick guide to editing and creating a new Repair page can be found at Getting started. Should you need more advanced help please visit the Help:Contents pages.

Farnham Repair Café is collaborative project between The Centre for Sustainable Design® at the University for the Creative Arts, Farnham Town Council and Farnham United Reformed Church. Farnham Repair Café is part of the global Repair Café movement led by The Repair Café International Foundation.

Farnham Repair Café is a Registered Charity Number 1172613.


Farnham Repair Café is held on the second Saturday of each month at Farnham United Reformed Church and is run entirely by volunteers. It offers a place for local people to get free advice and assistance in repairing a wide range of household items including mechanical, electrical and electronic equipment, clothes and textiles, bicycles and furniture.

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Textiles[edit | edit source]

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Bicycles[edit | edit source]

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